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Home >> News >> Special tools and composite tools respective roles
Monday 13th October 2014

Special tools and composite tools respective roles in the production of machine tool operations are core components essential, inseparable parts prices and polished big tool basically divided into two types. A special tool is a complex tool, specialized in the production of precision machinery tool specializes in the production of parts that require high precision, while using relatively wide range of complex tools, some, most parts of the job done by him.

With graded diameter, height and fixed tolerances technical requirements specified composite cutting tools for machining handy and preset. If a change occurs for parts, this special composite cutting tools, there is no way to use. Because the price of this composite cutting tools and cutting tools than the price of several features of Junichi and extremely much more expensive because of the use of composite cutting tools for machining of parts is greater quantities should only deal. Discussion about the cost basis, in small batches, the use of cutting tools in general have better Junichi function of the economy, since these are not the same as a cutting tool can also be used as part of the process

Groups carbide step drill is simply a typical composite cutting tool preset practical example. This drill hole composite drill centering, drilling and chamfering processes, technology can do to prepare for the subsequent taper hole machining. The drill is suitable for use in four aperture and a chamfer machining, can replace five Junichi function cutting tools. Many have this cutting tool cutting tool maker is not the same as with a standard diameter range of products supplied to the market. For example, the cutting tool can be used for processing along with the turnbuckle slope and (or) the countersunk head screws for stepped bores. This product is based on the type of classification is not the same as the drill bit diameter and universal cutting tool developed tolerance. In contrast, the multi-stage process boring and cutting tools is certainly a high rate, but is generally processed and developed specifically designated for special cutting tools.

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