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Monday 13th October 2014

What is the precise mechanical testing, precision mechanical inspection is an important one precision machinery inside, the current domestic technology mainly to the European and American technology for example, Germany and the United States VDI AMT and so on. But no matter what techniques are the same principles over their methods and techniques for measuring relatively similar. Test measuring machine tool positioning accuracy, there are two commonly used criteria: · German VDI / DGQ3441 standard (machine run precision and positioning precision counting approach). · U.S. AMT standards (American Society of Mechanical Production Technology Association to develop). Two standard pack survey values ​​are considered appropriate and the use of mathematical and statistical methods. That is a direction parallel to the axis of the coordinate axes of a survey to select several arbitrary anchor point (general 5 to 15), then repeatedly positioning (general 5 to 13 times) for each anchor point repeated execution. Anchor points can be unidirectional approach can also be approached from two directions goodbye, then the value for the purposes of the survey counts disposal, find arithmetic uniform value. Continue to move forward to obtain uniform deviation, standard deviation, spread degrees. Spread of the representative repeat positioning accuracy, and uniformity deviation which together constitute the positioning precision, the sum of both is possible when positioned between two arbitrary achieve maximum positioning error.

 To sum up: precision machinery inspection in precision machining which is an important step, and only good precision machinery inspection, in order to make better and more sophisticated precision parts.

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