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Home >> News >> Weifu Group relocated to Weifu Industrial Park officially started
Monday 13th October 2014

September 19 ,2014 morning, against the autumn rain, Weifu Group "retreat into the Industrial Park" relocation launching ceremony held at the Canal Road torch Square. Group chairman Chen Xuejun, general manager Wang Xiaodong, deputy party secretary of fashionable element, Europe Jianbin, executive vice president, vice president Xu Yunfeng, WFMS Zhao, general manager of the company and the various functions of the department heads, WFMS related to leadership and employee representatives to participate in the ceremony.

Weifu industrial park project since March 2011 groundbreaking, the company features industrial park planning, process layout were fine design. After co-design and construction units worked hard and various departments across the company, a new industrial park will be completed Weifu, the company will raise, grow Weifu No. 107 land, to the more attractive, more passionate Weifu industrial Park. The launching ceremony was held Relocation Group also announced the relocation officially started.

The launching ceremony, responsible for leading and implementing this relocation of employees together in solemn commitment to safety on the wall signed his name, a common promise in the relocation process: scientific decision-making, efficient implementation, fine management, safety first, ensure a smooth, successful completion of the relocation task.

9:00, ceremony salute gongs, applause, loaded trucks slowly move equipment out from No. 107, went to carry new dreams, new hope Weifu industrial park. It is reported that Weifu industrial park project total investment of 1.5 billion, covers an area of ​​409 mu, building area of ​​188,600 square meters. A project, including the assembly shop, machine shop, heat treatment shop, laboratory, logistics center, power house, sewage treatment station, dangerous goods libraries, gas stations room, cafeteria and so on. From September this year to May 2015 for the relocation of equipment installation phase, the main relocation plan completed in January 2015. After the completion of the industrial park will reach an annual assembly of the fuel injection system products 1 million sets; supporting parts Common Rail pump sets an annual 1.3 million; annual output of 100,000 sets of urea pump; filter annual production capacity of 500,000 sets of construction objectives for the development of the company to inject new vitality.

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