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  • Weifu Group relocated to Weifu Industrial Park officially started

    Oct Mon,2014
    September 19 ,2014 morning, against the autumn rain, Weifu Group "retreat into the Industrial Park" relocation launching ceremony held at the Canal Road torch Square. Group chairman Chen Xuejun, general manager Wang Xiaodong, deputy party secretary of fashionable element, Europe Jianbin, executive vice president, vice president Xu Yunfeng, WFMS Zhao, general manager of the company and the various functions of the department heads, WFMS related to leadership and employee representatives
  • High Pressure Common Rail Diesel Engine

    Oct Mon,2014
    A concept Interpretation Common Rail (Common Rail) EFI technology is a closed loop system the high-pressure pump, a pressure sensor and an electronic control unit (ECU) in the composition, will result in the ejection pressure of the injection process and completely separate from each other, a fuel supply means.
  • What is precision machinery inspection

    Oct Mon,2014
    What is the precise mechanical testing, precision mechanical inspection is an important one precision machinery inside, the current domestic technology mainly to the European and American technology for example, Germany and the United States VDI AMT and so on. But no matter what techniques are the same principles over their methods and techniques for measuring relatively similar.
  • Special tools and composite tools respective roles

    Oct Mon,2014
    Special tools and composite tools respective roles in the production of machine tool operations are core components essential, inseparable parts prices and polished big tool basically divided into two types. A special tool is a complex tool, specialized in the production of precision machinery tool specializes in the production of parts that require high precision, while using relatively wide range of complex tools, some, most parts of the job done by him.
  • What is a precision machine parts

    Oct Mon,2014
    What is a precision machine parts, as the name suggests it is a machined, but compare precision machining, with the constantly changing needs of industrial development and close machining has changed a lot, it's classified more more, it is getting smaller as long as the direction, the direction of more and more specialized, with the development of science and technology of its technology is...
  • ChangzhouYUANYU Hardware Techonolgy Co., Ltd. Website on-line

    Jul Wed,2014
    ChangzhouYUANYU Hardware Techonolgy Co., Ltd. Website on-line
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